GxP Cloud Part 4 of 5: It can be Done

GxP Cloud Part 4 of 5: It can be Done

Life Sciences companies that are evaluating moving to a hosted solution so they can begin achieving the benefits it offers need to give careful thought and consideration to who they are aligning with.  With serious compliance implications, this needs to be treated as more than just signing up for a subscription or service. 

Regulated teams need to approach this more as looking for a true business and technology partner.  Finding the right provider/partner means seeking out a hosting and solution platform that is designed specifically for them, rather than trying to get a non-Life Sciences focused vendor to bend or make concessions to their standard offerings to achieve industry requirements. 

As daunting as much of the content we have covered up to this point in this series may seem, moving to a hosted environment or hosted solution is not impossible for Life Sciences organizations.  In fact, large Life Sciences teams have managed to successfully make the shift to hosting by aligning with a technology partner who shares their industry expertise.  In aligning with this type of technology partner, they are aligning with a partner that not only understands their requirements but builds and provides solutions with those requirements as the driving force. 

With the right partner who shares industry specific focus, customers can be assured that infrastructure and software offerings are executed with compliance in mind, and with required documentation to satisfy the FDA.  This should sound like music to the ears of Life Sciences teams as they won’t need to set up highly customized service arrangements with providers requiring additional cost and management to appease their qualification, validation and documentation needs. 

On top of the reduced burden of managing the full lifecycle of qualification and validation (some of these tasks will always have to remain with the owning team), the additional benefits of cloud platforms and hosted solutions now become available.  Reduction in internal service requests, application and infrastructure administration and resource allocation, as well as the overhead of purchasing, managing and maintaining a full internal infrastructure. 

Add to all of this that your team will receive environment and application support delivered via a team of resources that not only understand the technology itself, but also the industry in which that technology is utilized. 

 Now this whole shift really starts to seem viable. 

To add a cherry on top of this whole thing, what if there was a full hosted solution provided by a Life Sciences focused company that not only maintains their environment in a qualified state, but also provides a single stop hosted solution for achieving paperless CSV that is also maintained in a validated state?  If that’s what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. 

Download our Cloud Compliance Checklist here.

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