The Conference Calendar, Part 1 of 2: Let's Look at the First Half of this Year

The Conference Calendar, Part 1 of 2: Let's Look at the First Half of this Year

****Before we start, I should note at this point that the Coronavirus is indeed having an impact on the conference circuit through the early part of this year. Attendance will likely be affected, some sponsors and speakers may pull out, and some events are being either shifted to a virtual model or canceled altogether.

With that in mind, please be sure to stay up to date with whatever conferences you are planning to attend and please be conscious of your own health as you evaluate participating. I toyed with the idea of not running with this and the next blog but decided to post them so I can note cancellations or shifts to virtual conferences if I catch wind of any changes to the specified events. However, and I would hope this goes without saying, please don’t rely solely on me for up to date news.****

With that said, let's get started by taking a look at the next few months for some potential options.

Every year many of us go to industry-specific or technology-specific conferences with the intention of coming away with new and better solutions to address our business problems.  With information on new tools and process hacks that will address all that ails us.  To have our heads filled with new and innovative ideas.  To come back with some type of magic power that we can spread to our respective teams and organizations. 

The good news is that much of that is there to be had, but it’s ultimately up to us as the attendee or attending team to bring it back and put it all together and apply it to practical use.

I know it can be difficult when we get back to our respective home bases, however. It’s easy to fall back into our old routines. We get back to doing things the way we’ve already been doing them with the tools we’ve always used in the framework in which we’ve always used them. We can even get discouraged by other people on the team pushing back on potential new solution or new process implementations. 

Still, there are a lot of great solutions out there, many great methodologies, and many variants within those methodologies that just might be right for your team. There’s a plethora of great content to be absorbed through presentations by technology and industry thought leaders. There just might even be a use case highlighting the solution to a similar roadblock or issue your team has been facing.

So, if you’re looking to soak in the most of some conferences this year, here are a few that we would recommend. Some are specific to the life sciences industry while others are a bit more broadly focused on solution or methodology areas, but all can give you something useful and valuable to bring back to your organization.

KENX Validation University: WAS 3/23-3/26 – NOW 8/24-8/26 – Philadelphia, PA

I was going to remove this and put it in the next post about the second half of the year (I will also include it there), but I wanted to leave it here in case you were planning on attending and hadn’t yet heard about the event being moved to August. Please be advised and adjust your plans accordingly.

More info:

Atlassian Summit: 4/1-4/2 – Live Event Cancelled – Now the Atlassian Virtual Summit

Remote Conference Summary:

“We are planning to offer some great content online during our Atlassian Remote Summit 2020. More details around the content will be announced soon.”

Well, the cool and hip Atlassian was supposed to hold this conference at the (figuratively) cool and hip Las Vegas, but due to recent circumstances, this has been modified to be a virtual conference.

Unfortunately, not much by way updated event details have been published, but below is a link you can follow to subscribe to for updates.

Even with that in mind, I’m sure folks that are interested remotely can still view a number of previously scheduled keynote sessions from Atlassian heads of state in various solution areas, as well as feature and solution update sessions.

More Info:

Tricentis Accelerate: Now Virtual Only - 4/29


"Accelerate San Francisco is now being delivered as a free, online event. This one-day, online experience will deliver a full program of inspiration and enablement direct to you. Tune in to hear the latest from top thinkers in the industry, our most innovative customers, partners, and Tricentis leaders."

Test automation? Agile Test Management? Continuous Testing? RPA? AI? Something called N.E.O with cool, Matrix-inspired graphic art and maybe some references to optical processing from Terminator?

Unfortunately, as with most conferences over the next couple of months, this is being shifted to a virtual event. That said, it still looks to offer a number of keynote speaking sessions as well as smaller tracks around a number of topics. Check the link below for more info and to register for the virtual event.

More info:

INTERPHEX Conference: WAS 4/28-4/30 - NOW 7/15-7/17 – New York, NY

Not completely canceled, but as of 3/11 this conference has been postponed to July. It will be at the same venue and updated event details can be found at the link below. Please see post two in the series for Q3 and Q4 events for the conference summary details.

More info:

IVT Conference: WAS 4/29-5/1 in Philadelphia, PA - NOW 8/20-8/22 in San Diego

This event has been postponed and will now be merged with IVT's Validation Week conference already scheduled for October in San Diego, CA (I don't want to say it's a location upgrade or anything since most of my company and many of our employees are based out of the Philly area......but it's a location upgrade).

STAREAST Software Testing and Quality Conference: 5/3-5/8 – Virtual Event


"In light of recent events, TechWell has morphed the popular STAREAST conference into a fully virtual experience this year! From the comfort of your own digital device, you will have access to all of the same great content and experts you have come to expect from a STAR conference. STAREAST Virtual+ will be streaming over 90+ talks—including 5 keynotes, 35 tutorials, and 42+ sessions all in an engaging and interactive premium virtual atmosphere. Plus, with 3 packages to choose from and a variety of exciting add-on options (such as a live virtual training class), you can select the conference package that fits your needs and your budget!"

Another shift to virtual, yet much of the content should remain intact. Please follow the link below for updated information.

More info:

Micro Focus Universe: 5/19-5/21 - Virtual Event


"Competing in today’s diverse market is no joke. Successful organizations must remain at the forefront of technology while controlling budgets, leveraging data, and ensuring security. Micro Focus Universe brings together global customers, partners, and Micro Focus employees to explore, share, and network.”

This conference has now been shifted to a virtual event. Many sessions and chances to interact with solution and process experts will still be available and the virtual event is expected to take place over the same course of days. Please follow the link below for updated information.

More info:

Techwell Agile + DevOps West: 6/7-6/12 – Las Vegas, NV


"Agile + DevOps West brings together practitioners seeking to accelerate the delivery of reliable, secure software applications. Find out how the practice of Agile and DevOps brings cross-functional stakeholders together to deliver software with greater speed and agility while meeting quality and security demands.”

Missed Vegas with the Atlassian Summit being turned into a virtual event? Well, here's your chance to get back out there, and probably just in time to start really enjoying that triple-digit desert weather.

Okay, the desert heat isn't exactly enjoyable, but the good news is that the hotels and the conference halls are very well climate controlled. Even better news, from within that conference hall you will be able to participate in numerous educational and enablement sessions around all areas of the Agile and DevOps landscape.

When not in session, the conference floor will be full of sponsors with solutions and expertise that will certainly be worth having some discussions around.

This is a quickly changing and ever-evolving world, so this is a great stop to keep yourself and your team up to date.

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