The Conference Calendar, Part 2 of 2: Let's Optimistically Plan the Second Half of the Year

The Conference Calendar, Part 2 of 2: Let's Optimistically Plan the Second Half of the Year

****As with the last post covering the first part of the year, the Coronavirus is having a noticeable effect on conferences throughout the early part of 2020, and it remains to be seen how it will impact conferences in the latter part of the year.  Of course, for reasons larger than just conferences, we are hoping things will be contained as the year moves on and we can return to normalcy by the time the second half of the year rolls around.

With that in mind, please be sure to stay up to date with whatever conferences you are planning to attend and please be conscious of your own health as you evaluate participating. I will be sure to note any cancellations or shifts to virtual formats if I catch wind of any changes to the specified events, but, and I would hope this goes without saying, please don’t rely solely on me for up to date news.****

Okay, so at the time of writing this we've seen the first half of the year face quite a shake-up, but assuming the second half of the year starts to right itself a bit more, we can hope that many (if not all) of these conferences remain on the schedule. Hopefully, if you had to miss any conferences from the first half of the year, you can find something comparable here to replace it with.

As I mentioned I the first half of the year post, many of these conferences are life sciences specific, but a good portion of them are also industry agnostic and instead focus on solution and methodology areas that teams can certainly benefit from staying ahead of.

Without further ado, let’s see what the second half of the year looks like…..

NTERPHEX Conference: 7/15-7/18 – New York, NY 


“For 41 years, INTERPHEX has proven to be the place to find all of the state-of-the-art solutions you need to cost effectively develop and manufacture quality product. INTEPHEX is the premier pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device development and manufacturing event to “Experience through Commercialization”. 

Note: This conference was originally scheduled for April 2020 but was postponed to July and will be held at the same location in NY, NY. Please see the link below for additional details.

This is one that you are probably aware of, but if you’re not, it’s a large and varied conference with a focus on the Life Sciences industry. As far as the topics to be covered, it seems that no matter your role, there will be useful presentations to sit in on and a slew of sponsors to have some discussions with. 

More info:

Agile Alliance: 7/20-7/24 – Orlando, FL


"In its 19th year, the Agile Alliance global conference is the premier international, noncommercial conference on Agile methods in software development.

At the heart of each Agile Conference is connecting and sharing. Attendees gather from around the world, many for consecutive years, to meet with their peers and the foremost leads in the Agile space."

Whether you’re already deep down the Agile road or you are just looking to start making the shift from Waterfall to Agile in 2020, this is a great, product-agnostic conference to attend to get the scoop on all the latest in the world of Agile development and testing.

Yes, there will, of course, be sponsors there promoting their products and services, but that doesn’t diminish their expertise on the subject, nor will that change the overall messaging conveyed through the numerous presentations and discussions that will remain true to the conference core – the Agile methodology.

More info:

KENX Process Validation and Continued Verification + Validation University: 8/24-8/26, Philadelphia, PA


"Knowledge Exchange Network (KENX) is very excited to announce Validation University is returning to Philadelphia. The event is a dream come true for engineering, quality, C&Q and validation professionals by offering hands-on training for the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and related industries. Participants create their own experience by choosing from over 40 tutorials and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and useful material our faculty exchanges."

With a focus on the life sciences industry, KENX puts on a number of conferences on a variety of topics specific to operating in an FDA regulated environment. Due to some of the events afflicting the world during the early part of this year, the original Process Validation and Continued Verification conference will not be merging of their Validation University event, which was originally scheduled for March 2020.

In any case, if validation or regulatory compliance is part of your job, it might not be a bad idea to stop by to hear some presentations and speak to some sponsors.

More info:

DevOps Enterprise Summit: 9/22-9/24 – Las Vegas, NV


"Join the top technology and business leaders from around the world for 3 days of immersive learning. Experience the unfolding documentary of the ongoing transformations that these leaders are helping drive in their large, complex organizations. Exchange insights with some of the best practitioners and subject matter experts in DevOps who are pioneering the philosophies and practices that work (and conversely, which to avoid)."

Much like the Agile Alliance conference, this promises to be a solution agnostic, process-oriented conference for those interested in staying up to date the with ever-evolving DevOps landscape (even it those pesky sponsors will be there hawking their wares. Hey, at least you’ll get some free swag out of it).

With the previous conference boasting and attendance containing 30% at the executive level and another 30% at the manager level (many of which will be presenting and available for discussions), this conference draws a highly knowledgeable speaker roster, as well as a very well-informed audience.

No matter where you or your team fall in the DevOps world, this will be a useful conference to attend and it certainly offers attendees to walk away better informed and better equipped to start or continue down the DevOps path – that is if your brain can withstand the what is likely still to be oppressively hot 100+ degree weather of the Nevada desert in September.

More info:

InflectraCon 2020: 10/1-10/2 - Washington, D.C.


" Join our multi-track, two-day international conference focusing on software testing, agile methodologies, DevOps, and program management with Inflectra's platform. The program will include training and thought leadership from industry experts, practical hands-on-sessions, and numerous deep-dives into testing, requirements and agile management, test automation, and business intelligence."

Whether you have already bought into Inflectra's platform, or you are evaluating solutions to take your testing or methodologies to the next level, take some time to get out to D.C. for InflectraCon.

Feature-rich and forward-thinking, Inflectra brings a lot to the table so getting a chance to meet with and hear from product owners, partners and customers alike is a great chance to maximize investments you've already made, get educated on solutions that may be right for your team, or just to get up to speed on industry trends, processes, and solutions.

And hey, your pals at Tx3 will be there and speaking, so that's worth the price of admission right there ;)

More info:

STARWEST Software Testing and Quality Conference: 10/4-10/9 – Anaheim, CA


"STARWEST is one of the longest-running and most respected conferences on software testing and quality assurance. The event week features over 100 learning and networking opportunities and covers a wide variety of some of the most in-demand topics and innovations."

Ah, beautiful, sunny Anaheim, CA. Located in Orange County (but not the beach part). Home of the Ducks, the Angels, and, of course, Disneyland. In fact, the Disneyland Hotel is where this software testing and quality conference will be held.

Much like its counterpart, the STARTEAST Conference, that we outlined in the previous blog post, this is one of the largest conferences that folks in the world of software quality and testing can attend. Filled with numerous learning tracks, presentations, and discussion opportunities, attendees will be sure to find something useful to take back to their roles over the course of this week-long conference.

However, a word of advice for those flying in that aren’t familiar with the area, do not, under any circumstances, fly into LAX. It is the worst. It may not appear that far away from Anaheim on a map, but it is extremely far away in LA and Orange County drive time, so just don’t let the potentially cheaper LAX routes trick you or the person approving your expenses.

Do yourselves a favor and fly into either John Wayne or Long Beach (Long Beach is a bit further away and flight options are more limited, but it’s a breeze of a little airport to go through). Either one will be a much better experience than dealing with the ever increasingly horrendous LAX.

More info:

IVT 26th Annual Validation Week + Computer and Software Validation Conference: 10/20-10/22, San Diego, CA


"The gold-standard event for validation and quality professionals across the life sciences industry, providing critical information on new regulations, technology advances, and industry best practices."

Is a rough winter going to be rolling around where you live this coming October? Well here’s a great chance to get away from it. It doesn’t get much better than San Diego, does it?

As IVT makes its west coast swing, the focus will specifically be on Computer Systems Validation and, I’m sure, some of the updates around Computer Software Assurance as the FDA guidance is supposed to be released in September.

Now being merged with their Computer and Software Validation conference that was scheduled to take place in April of this year, this is a great chance to come get some education and enablement around progressions in validation and compliance, driving more risk-based approaches, and generally leveraging modern solutions and methodologies to drive greater improvements to how your organization might currently be managing these requirements.

More info:

ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo: 11/1-11/4 for Convention and Training 11/5-11/6 – Philadelphia,PA


"The 2020 ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo will focus on aligning the future of pharmaceutical science and manufacturing as the industry becomes more global, synchronized, digitalized, and quality-driven. This signature event draws pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical professionals at all levels of the industry from students and young professionals to the most senior executives in drug manufacturing, supply chain, device and equipment services, and global regulatory agencies."

As opposed to many of the other conferences that we have listed so far, this one is much less specifically focused on technology and software quality processes, and instead more focused on the overall state of the industry and how teams can understand and adapt to those changes within their various functions.

So while there will definitely be a lot of ground covered outside of the arena we usually work in (regulated software quality), there will still be a lot of valuable information presented here that will no doubt have an impact on software quality and quality systems.

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