Tx3 Services Officially Joins the Tricentis Team

Tx3 Services Officially Joins the Tricentis Team

Dating back to the early 2000s, the team that would eventually go on to build Tx3 formed a life sciences-focused division within a company called Genilogix. Even then we recognized that many organizations had implemented overly burdensome validation and documentation practices, so we set out to enable our clients to be able to achieve compliance more efficiently in their regulated software testing. 

It was here that the vision for providing guidance and solutions to enable 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and workflow-based technical controls in computer systems validation began to take shape. We wanted to help our clients better understand and interpret regulatory compliance guidelines to adopt more streamlined, risk-appropriate processes. We wanted to incorporate the use of technology and electronic records to replace manual, document-centric validation - which was, by and large, still handled on paper in three-ring binders. We wanted to empower our clients to leverage robust test management and test automation tools to enhance and modernize the validation process. 

As this was all very new to the industry at the time, we were able to quickly establish ourselves as leaders in providing innovative and forward-thinking solutions to achieve better, more efficient outcomes in CSV. As the years went on, we continued to develop and enhance our solutions to fit the needs of our clients, and many valuable lessons were learned along the way that would help shape and inform our ever-evolving approach to regulated software quality. Eventually, Genilogix was acquired in 2012 and the next shift began to take shape.

The Start of Something New

Armed with years of experience, great partnerships, the trust of top life sciences organizations, and an established reputation for thought leadership, Tx3 Services was officially formed in 2014. At this time, many organizations were still rooted in waterfall-based tools and processes but were now beginning to struggle with new initiatives that posed challenges to traditional CSV mindsets. This included digital transformation, Agile and DevOps adoption, increased demand for automation, and cloud migration, to name a few.

To meet business demands and successfully pursue these initiatives, typically conservative teams were faced with adopting new tools and processes while still needing to maintain the ever-crucial requirement of regulatory compliance. These tools, however, were not designed with life sciences teams in mind and the processes they enabled were vastly different from methodologies that had historically been applied to computer systems validation.

To address this, VERA was developed as our flagship platform to help organizations adapt to this shifting paradigm and to drive the continued adoption of digital validation to support the rapidly changing technology and methodology landscape. With VERA, we were able to not only streamline previous iterations of our solutions but to expand integrations to additional technologies that were quickly becoming more prevalent amongst the teams that we worked with. 

A Strategic Partnership is Born

With the expansion of integrated technologies that VERA supported came additional strategic partnerships. With Tosca gaining noticeable momentum in the test automation space, Tricentis made perfect sense to align with. As Tricentis grew and acquired QA Symphony, we were able to extend VERA’s capabilities to qTest, further enabling our clients to embark down the path of agile adoption, continuous testing, and test automation while assuring compliance was seamlessly achieved.

Since then, we have spent years working closely with the Tricentis team through a highly collaborative partnership which is why we are excited to announce that, as of today, Tx3 is officially part of the Tricentis team!

The Next Chapter

With Tricentis continuing to innovate test automation and AI-powered test management, and Tx3 leading the way in digital validation, this acquisition leaves us uniquely positioned to make an immediate impact in the life sciences industry. By combining our market-leading tools, advanced expertise, and amazing teams of people under the same roof, we will more quickly and effectively be able to drive innovations in regulated software quality, thereby enabling our clients to quickly adapt to an ever-changing landscape. 

After all, the industry continues to evolve and the need to evolve with it will always remain present. Acting as a single organization, we will have the resources to lead the industry in providing both the guidance and technology to support our clients through these changes. When armed with our tools and expertise, our aim is to remove as much of the burden and overhead historically associated with CSV as possible. Instead, we want to provide our clients the freedom and bandwidth to apply focus more narrowly to their primary objective: delivering safe and innovative products to market.

What Does This Mean for You?

In many cases, we have spent a decade or more cultivating amazing relationships with our clients. We have been able to establish high levels of mutual trust and that is not something we take for granted. While we understand that this acquisition will bring with it a lot of questions for our clients, we can assure you that we will work diligently and with the full support of the Tricentis team to make this transition as seamless as possible. 

Communications will be going out over the coming days and weeks to further elaborate on this acquisition, but our team is here to answer any questions that we can. In the meantime, we will be hosting a webinar that I would recommend registering for in which we will be discussing this acquisition, what it means for our clients today, and what it means for the future.

Register for the webinar here

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making Tx3 what it is, and we look forward to continuing our relationships as part of the Tricentis family!

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