Integrated end-to-end system utilizing a custom suite of solutions ranging from partner products to our own proprietary software to meet our client's needs.

One of the world’s largest Biopharmaceutical companies focused on treatments for cancer, immune and inflammatory conditions.


  • Have recently implemented several DevOps tools to manage their SDLC and Operational Support, including Atlassian JIRA, Blueprint, Micro Focus ALM, Tricentis TOSCA and ServiceNow.
  • The initial implementation of these tools was fragmented, which caused manual entry of redundant data and poor traceability across the systems as well as required personnel to log into multiple systems with different data approval processes.
  • Ability to apply a formal review / approval process to automated test scripts within the testing tools that is in alignment with the manual test review / approval process.
  • Reporting difficulties due to disparate systems lacking integration between the DevOps tools to share / sync data.


Tx3 Services provided a solution that integrated all their core DevOps tools supporting their SDLC and enabled the adoption of a data driven validation approach, replacing a traditionally waterfall / document centric process that limited the ability to share and report on data across their DevOps tools landscape. This solution enabled the Client to take advantage of leading technology and synchronize their data while remaining compliant with applicable regulatory requirements.

The integrated solution provided data synchronization and end to end traceability across 5 different DevOps tools leveraging TaskTop integration Hub and VERA for electronic record review/approval. System users now have the flexibility to review/approve data in whichever tool they choose, while providing a common System of Record in VERA.

Other key benefits to the solution include:

  • Realtime reporting and analytics
  • Ability to leverage Agile Management tools in a regulated environment
  • Ability to build repositories of approved reusable requirements, user stories, specifications, test scripts, etc.
  • Control and governance of data across the DevOps life cycle.

Solution Components:

Tx3 has leveraged our validated VERA SaaS solution to host several of our client DevOps tools including Micro Focus ALM, Tricentis TOSCA, TaskTop Integration Hub and Tx3 VERA for review and approvals. Tx3 provides services to analyze the business requirements and configure the solution to meet our Client’s needs.

  • Tx3 VERA Saas -- Validated Electronic Records Approval software hosted in a validated environment
  • Tx3 ALM VERA adapter for Tosca
  • Tx3 Partner Products:
    • TaskTop Integration Hub
    • Micro Focus ALM
    • Micro Focus UFT
    • Tricentis Tosca
    • Blue Print
    • Atlassian Jira
    • SAP