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Qualified Cloud for Life Sciences

Let us install, configure, and manage your CSV toolset, so you can meet your deadlines while maintaining compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

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Moving to a qualified cloud hosting platform is one of the best ways to give life science organizations the flexibility and speed needed to enable digital transformation, allowing them to modernize their SDLC while staying in compliance.

Whether you’re looking to transform your document-centric approach or simply shed existing infrastructure, Helios can offer improved scalability, security, and efficiency, combined with expert installation – all on a single subscription cost.


Qualified Cloud Platform


Single-Tenant SaaS Solution


Fast Infrastructure Setup and Expert Support

Qualified Cloud Hosting for Secure and Audit-Ready Processes

  • Qualified environment for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and related regulations
  • Built-in disaster recovery, encryption, and automated backup
  • Secure network of SOC 2 and GDPR-compliant data centers

Moving to the Cloud

Successfully Move Your Compliance Applications to the Cloud


Single Tenant SaaS – Ultimate Control for CSV in Life Sciences

  • Plan for changes to meet your schedule and activities
  • Upgrade when your team is ready
  • Implement custom configurations to meet unique business needs

Compliance in the Cloud?

Finding the Silver Lining for CSV


Expert Setup and Support to Accelerate Agile Evolution

  • Qualified, end-to-end setup time is typically less than a week
  • Quickly scale up based on demand
  • Choose a standard or elevated model of application support

Combine Helios With VERA to Transform Your CSV Process

VERA and Helios 3-1
  • Leverage VERA functionality fine-tuned for leading life science technologies
  • Improve efficiency and consistency with automated e-signature approval
  • Seamlessly integrate with Agile and DevOps testing tools