Micro Focus

Application Lifecycle Management Tools for Software Quality and Continuous Testing

When you lack visibility or insight into your process, application lifecycle management can be a time-consuming effort – not to mention a costly one. Leveraging Micro Focus tools allows organizations to modernize their paper-based processes with Agile project management tools, enabling automated workflows and continuous improvement while reducing time to market.

Seamless Integration Across the Micro Focus Suite of Tools


Don’t Settle for a Technical Upgrade

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Accelerated Development and Test Strategy

  • Create automated efficiencies for predictable text execution
  • Shorten CSV timelines to help reduce time to market
  • Support initiatives around digital transformation
MF_Badges_Application_Delivery_Management_Platinum_v1.1-(1) MF_Badges_Portfolio_Expert_Lifecycle_&_Portfolio_Managment_v2.1_5 MF_Badges_Portfolio_Expert_Functional_Testing_v2.1_6

Advanced Insight and Continuous Improvement

  • Leverage reporting and analytics for heightened visibility and control
  • Maintain data integrity for improved efficiency and regulatory compliance
  • Identify root cause analysis for ongoing optimization
  • Implement process and security protocols to reduce risks