Support Services

How do I open a Support Case?


Support and Maintenance Description

Tx3 staffs and maintains a 24 x 7 Service Operations Center (SOC).  Customers may contact Tx3 via support portal available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Request/Ticket priority determines the response and follow-up time based on Service Level Agreements. The SOC will either provide support to the Client directly or coordinate delivery of Tx3 support.


Issue Reponses


Response Time 

Support Team Follow Up  


2 Business Days 

Follow-up on progress of Support Request once a week via email or phone. Leaving a voicemail is appropriate if the contact person is not available. 


Next Business Day 

Where possible, follow-up daily or at least every other day to convey status changes (if any), data requests, or progress reports. Email or phone is appropriate. 


Within 2 to 4 Hours 

Follow-up daily until case is resolved. High impact case communication is primarily by phone. 

Business Critical  

Within 1 Hour 

Continuous contact is required (bridge line / web meeting). This impact indicates that we will stay in constant contact with one or more Support Engineers actively monitoring the progress of this case. Support Management will be involved in ensuring that enough resources are dedicated to the situation, and that there are enough to cover the other customers. 


Standard Support Features

  1. Standard Support (S2) provides for basic "break-fix" support activities.  A customer is required to open a ticket on the support portal, listing a description of the issue, relevant software versions, a step-by-step description how to recreate the issue, and any supporting screen shots or videos.  If the issue can be recreated by support staff and it is deemed a Tx3-causative problem, Tx3 makes every effort to resolve the issue in a reasonable time frame.
  2. Fault reporting, escalation, prioritization and response, including feedback processes will be managed by Tx3 for all inquiries related to support contracts.

  3. VERA related fixes and maintenance releases.
    1. A specific application patch may be required to support defect issues.

  4. Tx3 lists sanctioned application versions and patches that are supported by VERA on the support portal.
    1. It is the clients' responsibility to inform Tx3 of their intent to upgrade applications or apply public patches by submitting a Support Request through the support portal.
      1. For VERA On-Prem deployments: Tx3 will verify compatibility with application versions and public patches prior to installation into Client/System Owner development environment.
      2. For VERA SaaS deployments on Helios: Tx3 will only upgrade application and patches to sanctioned versions.  (One upgrade per year is available on Helios, free of charge.)
    2. VERA Version upgrades are offered by Tx3 on a periodic basis.
      1. For VERA On-Prem deployments: customers choose when and how to deploy.  Tx3 can provide all releases to customers with active support contracts.
      2. For VERA SaaS on Helios: VERA version upgrades are available as per Enhanced Support Plan. Client agrees to coordinate and work with Tx3 personnel to schedule and implement the upgrade within a predetermined agreed upon upgrade window.
    3. Application upgrades/patches are optional and not required unless the version the Client has currently installed is no longer supported by Tx3, or end-of-life, whereupon the Client's instances will be upgraded to a supported version.
      1. For VERA On-Prem deployments: Additional services to support application upgrades/patches will be required.
      2. For VERA SaaS deployments: Client agrees to coordinate and work with Tx3 personnel to schedule and implement the upgrade within a predetermined agreed upon upgrade window.

Enhanced Support Services

Enhance Support Services (ES3) subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly basis.  This provides a monthly allotment of hours that provide all Standard Support, plus non-standard requests for support.  For example, spot training, help generating a report, assistance/guidance with a 3rd party issue (e.g. MicroFocus ALM, or Tricentis Tosca) or an unusual problem affecting only one user. 

Essentially, we'll help with any issue.  However, for issues involving significant changes that would be near or exceed 2 days, a separate consulting engagement may be needed.  These situations will be be clearly communicated.

ES2 is required for all Helios SaaS Clients.

Additional Sample Issues:

  1. Type 1 Configuration Changes, as per Definitions

  2. Type 2 Configuration Changes if Level of Effort is less than 1 week, as per Definitions

  3. Application Management: Software Updates

  4. Ad-hoc training

  5. Project Upgrades / Conversions / Migrations if Level of Effort is less than 1 week

  6. Patch Support

  7. Usage Advice/Direction on project organization

  8. Assistance with standard Report generation from supported software

  9. Submitting/Tracking software bugs and associated fixes from responsible vendors (within limits of other pertinent contracts, between vendors & client)

  10. Administration Services

Changes to Support Features and Offerings 

Subject to a support agreement, Tx3 Services reserves the right, at its discretion, to change this Support Features and Offerings at any time based on prevailing market practices and the evolution of the Tx3 Services software and solution products. 

For additional information on SLAs, see our Legal section.